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Spark Your Inner Light

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...having the tools to release what no longer serves you and being clear around what you desire so you know how to move forward.

As a channel of healing,  I help you find your own power.

My job is to be the portal for you to see your own potential, remember who you are, and keep you on your own path.

In other words, I spark your inner light and all you do from there is shine!!!

In love and light,


Spiritual Sessions Offered

Reiki Treatment

Healing Sessions

Bring your mind, body, and spirit into harmony with a holistic approach.


Wellness Cocoon

Increase your energy, clarity and feel a renewed sense of balance. 


Healing Tools

High vibrational tools to support your healing journey.



"I’m so grateful to Andrea for assisting me with creating so many positive changes in my life over the past year! She is a gentle loving soul who guides others in their journeys. Andrea uses her amazing healing and intuitive gifts to assist with healing and spiritual growth. She has helped me create so much love and joy in my life!"

Susan Bass Hedberg

"Andrea is a healer. Her warm calming energy allows you to feel grounded and safe. I've come to depend on her to help validate my own intuition and strengthen my ability to trust in the universe's flow. She's a gift and please just try her once to experience what can happen in your journey! 💕💕💕💕"

Kimberly Adams

Author, The Corporate Hippie

"Love Andrea and Aqua Aura! Her guidance has been an essential asset to me. She makes everyone feel welcomed and loved, and leaves you feeling confident and relaxed. Thank you!"

Lesly Veliz

"Andrea's capacity to tune into a grander healing power is amazing! I have felt incredibly emotional and physical shifts after our reiki and reflexology sessions. So recommended!"

Pilar Angel 

"Very insightful reading. Loved how accurate she was. Now I'm looking at the bigger picture!!"

Andricka McCray


About Me

I'm a native of Colombia who moved to Dallas in 1991 and served as an energy healer, intuitive coach, master teacher, and guide to hundreds through one-on-one and group coaching sessions, workshops, and retreats. I believe we are all light, and my job is to spark you, so you remember how powerful you are.


Interested in learning more?

I invite you to join me for the bi-weekly Intuitive Happy Hour.

This group is for people who are new or have started to work with their psychic gifts.  

You’ll meet like-minded people, learn ways to develop your own skills, try new techniques, learn about chakras, tools, meditation, and other related subjects in a fun and nurturing environment.

We practice exercises and share ideas on how to increase our intuitive abilities. 

Follow @AndreaAquaAura on Instagram for dates and times!

Spiritual Healer | Soul Blueprint Activator | Teacher and Guide



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